Living the Travel Work Lifestyle

It comes as no surprise that a significant part of the travel nurse experience is … traveling! Travel assignments provide an opportunity to explore a wide range of American cities, climates and cultures. Exploring a new area will be exciting and offer a variety of fresh opportunities, but it can also be intimidating to be in a new community. Vita Health Staffing wants to help you get the most out of your experience. To that end, here are some tips from our experienced travelers to help you assimilate and live life to the fullest during your travel experience:

Keep in touch with old friends

Travel professionals typically have a dynamic network of travel nursing friends who change locations frequently. If you are new to travel assignments start building your network. Check in with travel friends and colleagues as you move to a new place because they may have taken an assignment nearby.

Nothing will make you feel more at home and connected in your community than reaching out to past friends and colleagues. If it happens that you don’t have any past colleagues or friends nearby, they might have someone in their network that you can connect with. Who knows - maybe a new relationships will become one of your closest relationships.

Go Explore!

Adventure is part of the reason you’ve chosen the travel work lifestyle so get out of your house or apartment and explore the community. The housing accommodations on your travel assignment are probably pretty great but exploring the new surroundings makes it special.

Going for walks and exploring local businesses such as coffee shops, clothing stores, local markets near you are all excellent ways to create that feeling of home. The more you explore your community, the more connected you will feel.

Try participating in fun local class. It could be anything that peaks your interest such as yoga, cooking, or dance course. These courses provide a great opportunity to expand your interest in a particular subject but also to meet locals who share the same interest without making a large commitment.

Ask around!

Consult your new colleagues for fun local activities, favorite restaurants, or other attractions that the community has to offer. This not only gives you some future plans, it also gives you a way to break the ice with new colleagues. Consider a group invite for colleagues to attend a restaurant they recommend.

Have Realistic Expectations

Be patient with yourself, and realistic on your expectations. It’s goin to take time to make a new city feel like home, and a little bit of effort on your part to form the connections and find the places that will make you feel comfortable and connected. However, if you are already focused on a travel work experience, the odds are that you love exploring and are outgoing

Safety First

However you choose to explore your new community or make new friends, please make sure that you have personal safety always at the forefront of your mind. Until you get to know your colleagues and community, be sure to stay in public places and always pay attention to your surroundings as you would wherever you travel.

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