Considering A Travel Assignment

Let’s review a few topics that might come to mind when considering a travel assignment.

1. Being Away From Family & Friends

Starting a a new job in a new place is exciting and maybe a little stressful too.  You’ll need to find a new favorite coffee shop, or lunch destination, establish a new routine.  But isn’t that one of the adventurous reasons you decided to travel? Be Adventurous.

Your support system is no longer next door, but still just a phone call away.  In the mean time you’ll have to take some time to build new friendships in your work community and local neighborhood that you’ll potentially be leaving at the end of your contract.  This is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and grow not only as a clinician but as a person. 

Social media can provide a quick and easy platform to stay connected with friend and family, but also to create new connections with other travelers that may be in your area of assignment. Every traveler has the potential to feel isolated at one point or another and that’s why the relationship managers at Vita Health Staffing will stay in touch with you throughout the assignment.

Don’t be afraid to reach out in your community or to other local travelers and  introduce yourself or ask for help when needed.  Be open about what you are experiencing and how you are feeling about your travel assignment and you’ll find that a new support system will start building around you.

Of course, you don’t have to travel across the country to take a contract position.  You can search for a travel assignment closer to your hometown that provides you the ability to be a short drive from your current support system.  However, don’t underestimate your ability to take on a 13 week adventure. 

Travel positions offer a special and unique opportunity that will give you an experience to share and a story to tell.

2. More Searches

With permanent staff position, it’s a one and done interview process. With travel assignments, your relationship manager at Vita Health Staffing is always looking for new travel opportunities for you. That means you’ll be keeping your credentials current and interviewing for new assignments more frequently . But we’ll help you keep your interview skill sharp! This is why your relationship with the Vita Health Staffing team is so important. We want to know you personally so we can stay in front of your career goals and travel desires and find the best opportunities for you.

You should stay in touch with us to share your assignment experience, and start thinking about where the next adventure might lead. Or maybe you’d like to try and extend your current assignment because you are having a great experience. We can work on that too.

3. Paperwork

Keeping up with credentialling and the onboarding paper work can be a daunting task. Just the thought of filling out all the application paperwork can be enough to keep great people from getting great opportunities. At Vita Health Staffing, we simplify the travelers application process and keep all of your credentials uploaded. We’ll advise you when its time to renew or update any of your credentials so the next time we submit your qualifications to an open opportunity, there will be minimal efforts needed on your part. And that makes your application process quicker so we can get you in front of hiring managers before your competition. While the other candidates are updating their paperwork, you’ll be interviewing and securing the next great opportunity.

4. Tracking Taxes

If you’re going to be working in multiple states you may have to file multiple state tax returns. We recommend that you let a professional handle your taxes for you.  The costs are minimal and it provides you with a resource to ask questions and learn about tax advantages.  The biggest advantage you’ll learn about is the non-taxable income you’ll receive as a travel clinician.   The government provides for allowances to cover your food and lodging while on assignment and that means more money in your bank account every pay day.  Talk to a Vita Health Staffing team member to learn more.

5. Medical Insurance

One of the challenges with the travel professional lifestyle is keeping health insurance coverage between assignments. When you’re on the road and potentially relocating multiple times a year, you need reliable health insurance without any gaps without paying a fortune to have it.

There are options that can give you year-round insurance regardless of whether you’re on assignment or what agency you’re working with. You can search through the best rates from reputable insurance companies and find a plan that works best for you.

Talk to your Vita Health Staffing relationship manager to understand the insurance options that might work best for you.

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