How it Works

It all begins with you. Tell us what you want out of your career and the traveling lifestyle.  Some travel professionals want the chance to see new locations, gain industry experience, work in different facilities, work with different equipment, or just have a fresh start.  What motivates you?

Important To Note

Most travel professionals and clinicians will have at least two - six months of experience before beginning a travel assignment.

Our relationship manager will assist you through a series of steps to find the best opportunity to meet your goals. We’ll discuss topics including refining your resume, identifying your professional skill set, and understanding your preferred workplace, we’ll also cover the basics of being a Vita Health employee like pay, benefits, housing assistance, etc.

Now it’s time to find you the dream job.  We’ll submit you to open placements and get you ready for your travel assignment.

Vita Health Staffing knows the importance of job satisfaction for healthcare professionals and how it contributes to delivering quality patient care.

Vita Health Staffing's team of experienced recruiters is relationship focused and works closely with healthcare professionals to understand their qualifications, experience, and career goals. Vita Health Staffing also offers guidance in developing resumes and interview skills to ensure that candidates have the best opportunity to secure a successful placement. We match candidates with the right position based on their education, experience, and interests.

With Vita Health Staffing, healthcare professionals can expect a personalized job search experience where candidates are matched with the right opportunity that aligns with their long-term career goals. Whether it's a temporary assignment or permanent role, our relationship managers ensure that our clinicians find the opportunities that they are most passionate about.

Travel Assignments

Travel assignments are typically for 13 weeks but can be as short as 8 weeks or as long as 24 weeks. The job includes frequent orientations at new facilities and learning local policies. Nothing about this field is cookie-cutter and you can’t be afraid to ask questions. Listen closely and share your own opinions and experiences carefully as you assimilate into your assignment. To be successful, travelers must be extremely adaptive. You should always begin with a strong foundation of skills in your respective specialty before deciding to pursue travel. Travelers can be thrown into many new and unfamiliar situations. You never can be sure how the local patient population or the hospital standards will vary from one place to another. Therefore travelers must be proficient and continuously be improving their range of skills.

What To Expect

Travel professionals should expect to bring a level of professionalism and knowledge to a medical facility that compliments the permanent staff. We are placing an experienced clinician in their facility so it comes with the expectation that you can hit the ground running. Once the employee arrives to their new assignment they begin with a fast-paced, yet short period of training. Soak up the information you are presented with quickly because the training wheels won’t be on long. Hard work and dedication is critical to becoming a travel nurse - show off your talents!

Locum Tenens Assignments

Vita Health Staffing also offers Locum Tenens assignments, allowing healthcare professionals to gain experience in different healthcare settings or work as a supplemental staff when regular staff is unavailable.

Temporary assignments can be beneficial for professionals who desire flexibility, increased pay rates, and enriched experiences. These assignments also provide exposure to new career opportunities for our staff.